We create, enhance, design

and develop technology solutions

to make your life better.


- Strategize about new ideas

- Simplify business process

- Create web apps

- Build new products & prototypes

- .NET development

- Enhance user experiences

- Design & develop mobile apps

- Collaborate with clients

- Anticipate user expectations


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Collaboration is the foundation of how

we build our solutions.

You will be a part of the creation

and visioning team every step of the way.

It’s one of the best things about our team; 

we love to work with you.


A Few of Our Projects

Simplifying Business Process


Problem: Our client came to us with an established paper-based system that was used to automate a key function of their day-to-day operations. Because of it being paper-based, there was a significant delay in processing their customers applications, approving and denying requests and was a nightmare to develop reports based on actual data.


Solution: In less than a year, our team evaluated their processes and created a cloud-based system that removes redundant data entry, while still accomplishing all the goals of the program. The app also created the reports needed to give a clear picture to the client of various requirements. Knowing the paper to cloud shift would be a major change for all parties involved, we provided in-house training sessions and made training videos, so access to help was just a click away.

Expanding Business Capabilities


Problem: A local business owner wanted to create an order management system to enable his team to manage orders and clients more effectively. The solutions that exist today cover only small portions of their needs and do not give them the order management flexibility they require in their industry. Because of this many companies continue to manage orders through sales teams' memory and knowledge instead of software.


Solution: We are working closely with their team to identify pain points and create a cloud-based app called CUBRD to manage the entire process of an order. Some of the highlights of this solution include giving managers the ability to see what is going on in the company, sale teams the ability to chat in the app with their clients and alerts to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Building Convenience and Consistency


Have you ever needed to upload a photo to a website, but it wasn’t quite the right size or resolution, so it looked scrunched or out of focus? Or maybe you wanted to enhance the photo or add some special effects before publishing it?  Stone Fin together with DigiWidgets is making it possible for graphics to automatically fit the constraints needed to display a quality image on the web without needing a graphic designer.


Photos, logos and graphics will no longer be stretched or awkwardly cropped. This product will be a web-based graphics editing software used by businesses to augment and automate their new and existing websites. This software is 100% supported in all modern browsers.  This is the next generation of image manipulation for the web.


Stone Fin Technology believes it’s important to participate in the growth

of the technology industry, especially in the community in which we live.

We also help non-profits we are passionate about reach their technology goals to make what they do more efficient, even when the project they need may be outside of their budget limitations.




University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Jeffrey S. Raikes School of
Computer Science and Management, Design Studio


Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Lincoln




Every year Stone Fin Technology has many internship opportunities available. Our team believes that interns are an important part of growing the tech community, but they also are great assets to our team.


We strive to create technology solutions to make your life better.

When we work with you to build what you need, we are

always looking to use the technologies to best fit your needs

while keeping ease of use as one of our main goals.


Our developers have experience in

a wide variety of technologies.

We are always expanding our

knowledge base and team talent to

stay on top of current development

trends. We love new challenges,

to learn and solve problems.



We will use the technology
that best fits your needs.



SQL Server

















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