The medical industry is constantly advancing its technology. When systems are upgraded, patient information has to some-how be entered into the new system. Stone Fin helps you avoid this time consuming process by migrating your medical data from one system to another without the need for tedious data entry.


Medical Solutions

Stone Fin stores medical data so it’s both secure and accessible. Their programs archive and index patient information. It’s important to access patient history quickly, especially in an emergency situation. With an electronic index, all the data is searchable. This makes it faster and more efficient to search through patient records.

Every time patients visit a new doctor, their medical records have to be transferred. In most cases, the doctor’s offices will be using different software that is not compatible. This means they won’t be able to share information electronically. Stone Fin can provide a real-time connection between two different medical software systems. This connection allows information to easily be shared back and forth.

The solutions at Stone Fin follow the Consolidated Clinical Data Architecture standard developed by the Boston Children’s Hospital. The CCDA is an electronic format for patient documents that has specific requirements for how the data is structured. This format is a national standard with the flexibility to go anywhere. Most new software supports CCDA and many older systems can be adjusted for compatibility.


Migrate medical data from old systems to new software


Communicate in real-time between existing software systems


Share medical data quickly


Adhere to industry standards to data structure and communication protocols

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